Bob Stannard | The View From My Place: The Enablers

"To sin by silence, when we should protest, Makes cowards out of men" - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunes, Orin Hatch, Bob Corker, John McCain, Fox News and all of the Republicans in Congress are people who will go down in history; and not in a good way. These Republican men and women will be forever known as "The Enablers".

The majority of voters knew a year and a half ago that Donald Trump was not qualified to be President of the United States. We frequently heard he didn't have the temperament and that he knew nothing of the job he sought. He was a reality TV host and a questionably successful businessman. We knew that he was incapable of telling the truth about anything, ever.

But, he was a very good salesman; a fast talker who says nothing. He's all slogans and zero substance. His relationship(s) with women are legendary. He's a prowler; a groper. He's not a nice man.

"But", they said, "When he wins the presidency he'll change his ways. The office will transform the tweeting, misogynistic, white supremacist supporter into a man who will be presidential; just you wait and see. Michelle Obama said it best at the DNC convention: "Being president doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are."

In less than a year the office of the president has most definitely revealed who the man is who holds our nation's most prestigious position and the nation is not liking what it sees. Trump initiated a criminal investigation of his own doing when he fired James Comey. Every day provides us with more and more information that makes it clear that Russia hacked our elections. Trump's campaign knew about it, encouraged it and more importantly our president has done everything in his power to obstruct justice. Much like the other failures of his life this mess he's in is of his own making.

This isn't about Trump. This is about those in Congress who are doing everything they can to aid and abet Trump. Investigate the investigators. Russian story is a hoax. Investigate Hillary. This is what we hear from the Enablers. The Enablers have zero interest in learning more about how Putin & Company hacked our elections, and ensuring it won't happen again, because doing so would result in doubt about the legitimacy of this presidency.

It's clear that committee chairs like Devin Nunes and Chuck Grassley are more interested in protecting their party's president then they are in discovering the truth. Working closely with the president and Fox News the Enablers are doing everything they can to discredit members of their own party: former FBI Director, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Bob Mueller. Fellow Republicans once described them as men of impeccable integrity. The Enablers now want you to believe that they are corrupt, partisan liars.

Think about how absurd that sounds. If these men were partisan wouldn't they aid and abet their own party; not the opposition? The accusations sound ludicrous, because they are ludicrous. This spin is coming from those who fear their careers and reputations will be ruined if their party's president fails. The irony is their failure to see that they are the ones risking their careers and reputations defending a man who is indefensible.

Trump is a liar incapable of telling the truth. In less than a year he lied or misrepresented the truth 2000 times; nearly 7 times per day. His lies, easily debunked, expose a man who is mentally unstable.

What of the Enablers? It was Republicans who brought down Nixon. Forty-five years later it will, again, be up to Republicans to right the wrongs. Who among them will be the next Senator Howard Baker? When will they stop turning a blind eye to the corruption and finally put their country before their party?

Bob Stannard, of Manchester, is a regular Banner columnist.


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