The past, colorized: The scene of the crime, 1902


This photo from August 1902, colorized by Tim Wager, shows the scene of a long-ago murder. According to Wager, in the background is the bridge on Main Street between Morgan and Beech streets; the yard to the left is the open yard around the present-day Safford Mills Inn and Cafe. It was here, on the evening of Aug. 12, 1902, that Mary Rogers of Bennington and her hired accomplice, Levi Perham, killed her estranged husband, Marcus. On the pretense of showing him a rope trick, Perham tied Marcus Roger's hands behind his back. Mary Rogers and Perham then forced Marcus Rogers to breathe chloroform, and when he stopped struggling, rolled him into the Waloomsac River, where he drowned. Mary Rogers was convicted of murder, and hanged in 1905, becoming the last woman put to death in Vermont. On the rocks can be seen Marcus Rogers' hat, which news stories said his wife had tacked to a tree with a false suicide letter.



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