SVMC launches new cardiac monitoring technology


BENNINGTON — Southwestern Vermont Medical Center's cardiology department, has begun using new technology to monitor and diagnose abnormal heart rhythms, called cardiac arrhythmias.

Zio by iRhythm is a wearable biosensor patch that "has no wires to move around and potentially generate `noise,' or data that makes it harder to decipher the patients' actual rhythms," Scott Rogge, MD, medical director of cardiology at SVMC, said in a media release. "Arrhythmia detection is improved, and technically, it's much easier for the patient."

It offers continuous ECG monitoring for 3 to 14 days. Patients can sleep, shower, and exercise while wearing the monitor. The ease of the test and accuracy of the results may reduce the need for repeat testing, which has the potential to improve patient outcomes and minimize healthcare costs.

One of the most common arrhythmias is atrial fibrillation (AF or AFib), which increases the risk of stroke by five times. This technology can help doctors detect and treat AFib sooner.

iRhythm is a digital health care company working to introduce new ways to clinically diagnose cardiac arrhythmias. The company combines wearable biosensor devices and cloud-based data analytics with proprietary algorithms that distill data from millions of heartbeats into clinically actionable information.



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