Sunderland woman featured on 'Price is Right'

BENNINGTON — For over 45 years, The Price is Right has given those with a knack for product valuation a chance to win cash and cool prizes. In August, a woman with local ties was chosen to compete and almost came away with a new car.

Morgan Green grew up in Sunderland and graduated from Burr and Burton Academy in 2011. She currently lives in Los Angeles, where the show is filmed.

"She grew up watching The Price is Right with me and her sister," said Green's step-mother Allyson Hoffman, librarian at Molly Stark School in Bennington. "This has always been a bucket list for the three of us. My husband and I were going to travel to LA mid-August, so a week before I decided to go online and see if I could get tickets. I got five tickets, one each for my husband, two daughters, my older daughter Allyssa's boyfriend, and me. This didn't guarantee us to get on the show. The day we arrived in LA, I went to a local t-shirt printing store and had (shirts with) The Price is Right's host Drew Carey's picture on it with "Drew Carey Swag" over his pic made for the five of us."

"I have pretty good luck, so in my mind I was like, 'I'm getting on that stage,'" said Green. On the way to the studio, however, the family was running late, and Green started to worry that they wouldn't even make it inside.

As the audience entered the building, they were each asked to have pictures taken in front of a green screen and to pretend as if they had won a car, said Hoffman. Some, including Green, were asked a few interview questions. Then everyone was taken into a room where they ate snacks and watched old episodes of the show for about an hour and a half, before they were invited to take their seats in the studio.

"Oh my goodness, the energy in this room was incredible," said Hoffman. "Our seats were third row, center, and taped off. We really thought at that moment someone in our party would be picked. They were playing music, everyone was dancing, it was so much fun."

"I had a feeling it was either going to be me or my step-dad," said Green, "They spent more time on us during the interviews."

They turned out to be right, as Green was the fourth contestant invited to, "Come on down!"

"I was freaking out I was so excited," she said.

After a few tries, she was the closest bidder on a prize, an set of exercise trampolines, and was able to join Carey on the floor. Green, obviously excited, heel-kicked her way onto the stage, still wearing her "Drew Carey Swag" shirt. The challenge before her was called "Gas Money," and if successful she would have been able to win as much as $10,000 and a new Volkswagen Jetta. All she had to do was choose the four price tags that did not represent the price of the car. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.

"You were supposed to save that one until the end!" commiserated Carey as she chose the car's price second.

"When you're up there," said Green, "so many things are going through your mind, and everyone's yelling at you."

The episode aired on September 21 and is currently available on CBS's website.

Green said that she kept her shirt, her name sticker, and the poster board the show's crew used to indicate she should come down to the contestant's row. "It was really great," she said. "A really amazing experience."

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