Letter: Student-staff ratio ignores realities

To the Editor:

Recently, Gov. Phil Scott announced that he would like to shift the student to staff ratio of 1:4 to 1:5 in Vermont as his solution to the gap in our education fund.

What I would like to ask Gov. Phil Scott is... have you been in a number of classrooms lately that truly represent the current ratios? Are you aware that in many cases the ratio still isn't enough? That even the most dedicated teachers and the staff they do have are unable to meet their students' needs? Are you aware of how students needs and classroom dynamics have shifted over the years? What might look okay on your piece of paper definitely does not look okay in an actual classroom.

Kristin Mack (daughter of one of our dedicated teachers (40 years), former student in our public school system, parent of one child coming up in our public school system and parent to a second who is now being homeschooled because the system (not our teachers) failed)



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