Spring starts in style at Zem-Benn race


NORTH BENNINGTON — More than 100 runners took part in the 41st annual Zemianek Bennington Road Race on Sunday at the Park McCullough House in North Bennington.

Sixty-eight competitors finished the 3.8-mile course, while 49 others completed the 10-kilometer course.

Tim Van Orden won another 3.8-mile race, finishing the race in a blistering 21 minutes, nine seconds. Using the race as a training session for a Masters championship event in June, Van Orden was almost four minutes better than second-place finisher Jon Costantino. The North Bennington racer crossed the line in 25:05.

"This is a coming out for Bennington, I come to this race every year, it's my birthday week," said Van Orden. "I'm in the midst of training, but I wouldn't miss this. Of all the events I do, this is my favorite."

White Creek's Jason Dolmelsch was third, followed by the top female finisher, Erin McEnaney, in fourth and Brian McKenna fifth.

"I'm not here to win, if I do it's great, but it's really about celebrating the event for the town," Van Orden said.

Race director Kathy Zemianek said Van Orden is part of the tradition of the race.

"We expect him to come and we expect him to win," Zemianek said. "He ran for my dad too, so there's a nice connection."

The race is named for former Mount Anthony cross-country and track coach Steve Zemianek.

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The 10K was ruled by Williams College cross-country athletes, with the winner being Liam Albrittain, a Eph senior from Arlington, Va. He finished the race in 36 minutes and 12 seconds.

In second place, 11 seconds behind was Christian Maloney, a Williams sophomore from Hackensack, N.J. Dorset's Mike White was third, Ross Hoch, another Williams runner was fourth, followed by Shaftsbury's Tim White in fifth.

The top female runner in the 10K was yet another Williams runner, Emma Tapscott, from Wilton, Conn. Tapscott, a freshman, was 15th overall in 44 minutes, 34 seconds.

"We encourage the Williams runners to come out," Zemianek said. "It's great to see them come here and use this race for training. We love having them."

After working all morning to get things set up at the Park McCullough House, Zemianek ran the 3.8-mile race, finishing 13th in 31:15.

"It's a lot of work and by the time of the race, I'm tired," Zemianek said. "I'm pleased to be out there and to finish. I'm a year older, so every year, it's definitely a little more challenging. It's a lot of fun, I do it for my dad and [the money raised] goes to a good cause."

There was a sad note on the day. Ed Doucette, who had run the race every year, was unable to compete in the 41st edition of the event, but he was in attendance.

"He's never missed one, but he was here," Zemianek said. "It's just amazing."

Results for both the 3.8-mile and 10K are located at https://www.albanyrunningexchange.org/m1/results.php


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