Seth Brown: Daily diary for holiday heath

My doctor told me that I need to lose weight for health reasons, and that it might be helpful for me to keep track of what I do throughout the week as a health diary.

On Monday it seemed too early in the week to start worrying about fitness, so I figured I'd kill some time videogaming instead. I enjoy RPG games like Diablo, Path of Exile, and Grim Dawn, where you train your character by driving out demons from the town (and/or exorcising them from local townsfolk). Although most of the time I spend in those games ends up being inventory management, because my arcane sorceror may have no trouble slaying a thousand demons, but has a lot of difficulty figuring out which of 37 staves to keep when there's only room for five in the stash.

I noticed my game was running a little slowly, possibly because my computer is six years old. I remember back when it was all about the Pentiums, but these days a Pentium Core Processing Unit can hardly keep up, so I used my "Intel" to find a better CPU and ordered a new i5. If it works, I'll celebrate by slapping the hand of someone next to me and yelling "i5!"

Tuesday I had the sense I was supposed to do something, but couldn't recall what. I had to look at my notes for Monday to jog my memory, and thus prompted, remembered I was trying to do something about fitness. That seemed like a great plan to start tomorrow, because Taco Tuesday demands Mexican food. I had a giant plate of delicious crunchy nachos, and determined to start being healthier on Wednesday.

Of course, on Wednesday I was more interested in cleaning up the piles of books strewn all over my house. I packed them into boxes at a leisurely pace, until I ran out of boxes and had to stuff the rest into a bag quickly because my girlfriend reminded me we needed to run some errands.

While we were at the store, she suggested we buy some stationery. I suggested this was a tremendous waste of money because I haven't written a letter in 20 years, thanks to email. She insisted that an adult ought to have stationery. I disagreed strongly, and we had a bit of a spat. When we got home I wrote her a strongly worded letter explaining why I was right.

Thursday I watched a lot of YouTube. I saw a cool video about oxygen-breathing bacteria. I had some questions, so I consulted with my friend who is a science expert.

Friday I pretty much just stayed home and spent the afternoon arguing on Facebook. Sometimes I can't believe how dumb people are online, and they just get angry at anyone who dares to point out flaws in their logic. These people must be idiots, because what kind of person spends hours just arguing on Facebook?

I got a bill trying to charge me for a doctor visit for which I'd already paid a $50 co-pay, so I called to try to straighten that out. If there's one thing bad for your health, it's the stress of dealing with paying for healthcare. I got transfered from customer service representative to representative, until finally they told me the problem wasn't with their company, but with the other company, so I had to call them and go through a string of representatives, to finally be told the problem was with the first company, so I had to call back and go through two more people before finally getting the answer: Too bad, I had to pay more anyway.

You might not think this was a great week for fitness. But according to my diary, it went perfectly:

Monday: Exorcise training, Core strengthening

Tuesday: Jogging, Crunches

Wednesday: Boxing (with Speedbag), Stationery rowing

Thursday: Consultation with Aerobics Instructor

Friday: Dumbbell training, Three sets of reps


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