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Friday, June 27
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Despite the increased use of the Internet, public perception campaigns are considered viable but are still all but entirely shaped by the corporate news media. In other words, corporations are freely narrowing voters' range of focus towards those campaigns which they consider to be "newsworthy."

In reality, candidates such as Ralph Nader are disregarded from the outset because the election of someone such as Mr. Nader would bring about a true day of reckoning for American corporations.

As long as these corporations are permitted to on the one hand have the same or greater rights than individual citizens, and on the other hand to never face the death penalty or anything more than self regulation or slap on the wrist fines, they can continue to wreak havoc everywhere they go and drain average people of every last cent of economic vitality they can muster.

Yes, Ralph Nader supports an end to corporate personhood, in contrast to Barack Obama or John McCain, whose campaigns are awash in contributions from corporate America.

The differences between Mr. Nader and the candidates that you are permitted to read about or see on television each day are very far reaching and vast.

For well over 30 years Mr. Nader has been actively supporting major cuts in military spending, while Mr. Obama says that he wants to "strengthen the military" and McCain also supports the extension of the U.S. oil empire.

Incidentally the United States currently spends over twice as much on the military as the next 10 biggest military spending countries on the planet. That is why we are told that we cannot afford nationalized health care, which is provided in every other advanced industrialized nation. Nader supports nationalized health care while Obama does not and his plan is even weaker than Hillary Clinton's.

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McCain favors continued private profiteering at the expense of the suffering of the legions of uninsured and underinsured Americans.

For 30 years, Nader has supported forcing automakers to meet much higher miles per gallon requirements, while Obama favors the false and heavily polluting non-solution of promoting ethanol use.

Nader has been way out front in terms of tax credits for the implementation of renewable energy for decades while his opponents fail to sense the urgency of the need for real changes in our housing and transportation infrastructures.

Nader favors repeal of the union busting Taft-Hartley Act while Obama and McCain are silent both because of their corporate puppeteers and their lack of conviction on the matter.

It's nowhere near enough for Obama to offer vague assurances of "Change We Can Believe In" while failing to really take the bull by the horns on seemingly all of the major issues of our times. We don't have time to waste supporting the "lesser of two evils" approach to voting this year.

It is extremely unwise for voters to permit the media to corral us into believing that the changes that so many of us realize are urgently necessary cannot take place because we will merely be wasting our votes on a lost cause candidacy.

In a democracy, we decide what is possible and what will happen in November, and we the people must stop behaving like sheep if we expect to survive much longer on this planet. I am extremely proud to be supporting Ralph Nader for President again this year, and urge you to check in with the Nader campaign at votenader.org.




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