Obama for president


Saturday, October 25
Barack Obama has been so long on the presidential campaign trail we sometimes forget just what an historic American figure he is. Incredibly, he now seems poised for a previously impossible-seeming election victory.

Although Senator Obama would be the first African American president of the United States, many voters no doubt have come to think of him less in that way — rather as any other presidential candidate they might consider casting a ballot for. That has something to do with the mostly positive campaign he has run, with its theme of unification. And it is a tribute to his unflappable, level-headed demeanor throughout a very long primary season and a grueling presidential campaign.

His election would be a tribute to the nation as well, considering that gaping sore in the heart of the American soul, slavery, and the residual hatreds following the Civil War that resulted in the decades-long disgrace of the Jim Crow era.

For a nation that began with Jefferson's words, "all men are created equal," we have taken a long, long time to get to this point.

If, as we hope, Senator Obama wins election on Nov. 4, the entire world will — and rightly should — once again be electrified in admiration of history's first, and greatest, constitutional democracy. The one that has lighted a torch for all those struggling under repressive regimes around the globe.

For that reason alone — even before weighing Senator Obama's obvious qualifications and stirring potential as a leader — he deserves Vermont's full and hearty support on Election Day.


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