No fan of tech in new cars? Not to worry


Not everyone wants the latest and greatest. For the small percentage of new-car shoppers who lean toward simplicity, there are options.

Many of these electronic driving aids — lane-departure warnings, adaptive cruise control and such — are part of options packages. All a shopper has to do is find an example without the options.

"We have a base model that will fit all your needs," Brattleboro Subaru's John McLean said. "All it has are a back-up camera and Bluetooth."

Even cars that are equipped with such features give the driver the option of switching them off. That applies even to the federally mandated stability control.

"I think once you take the customer out and educate them on it, they become more aware and more comfortable with it. They buy in eventually," said Russ Bauer of Langway Chevrolet-Volkswagen.

For the absolute technophobe, there might be no better choice than a pickup truck. The base Ford F-150 has no screen in the dashboard, beyond the LCD display for the AM-FM radio.

"You can get a truck with crank windows and manual locks — still," said Thomas Ozga of Marchese Ford.


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