Bennington Select Board, 6 p.m., Bennington Fire Facility Multi-Purpose Room, 130 River St.

AGENDA: 1: Pledge of Allegiance 2: Consent Agenda A. Minutes Feb. 25, 2019 B. Warrants 3: Public comment 4: Introduction, Community Development director 5: Discussion, "Small Ask" Policy 6: Health officer appointments 7: Liquor licenses 8: Manager's report (if any) 9: Other business.

Arlington Board of Selectmen, 7 p.m.

AGENDA: I. Call to order. II. Reorganization of the board. 1. Nominations; election chairman. 2. Nominations; election vice-chair. 3. Nominations; election clerk of board. 4. Liaison highway and fire. III. Public comments. IV. Feb. 18 meeting minutes. V. New business. 1. Liquor license. VI. Highways. 1. Revised highway standards. 2. Equipment. VII. Water Department. 1. WD Warrants and orders. VIII. Old business. 1. Cowee property purchase and sales agreement. IX. Warrants and orders. X. All other business. XI. Executive session, if necessary.

SVRTSD Regional Governing Board meeting, 6 p.m., CDC Assembly Room

AGENDA: I. Call to order. II. Welcome. III. Public comments. IV. Introduction of board members and reorganization. 1. Election of chair, vice chair and clerk. 2. Set meeting dates and times, location and committee assignments. 3. Paper of record. 4. Off warrant signers. 5. School board code of ethics. V. consent agenda. 1. Minutes from RGB full board meeting Jan. 14. 2. Payroll warrants No. 1030, 1032, 20 and 1033. 3. Vendor warrants No. 1031, 1034, 1035, 1036. VI. Cash flow. VII. Revenue and expenses. VIII. Adult education. IX. Outreach. X. Committee reports. 1. Policy. XI. Action items. 1. Retirement. 2. Warn policies: No. 1000C policy on policies, revision; No. 2600C superintendent evaluation and review, reviewed with no revisions; No. 3100C policy transportation, revision; No. 3216C idling of vehicles, reviewed with no revisions. 3. Field trips: cosmetology-NYC March 11-12; FBLA-VT- March 18-19; medical professions — Dartmouth College March 20-22; Puerto Rico April 14-29; DECA-Orlando April 26 to May 1; Skills-VT April 9-10. XII. Superintendent's report. XIII. Executive session, if needed. XIV. Other.

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SVRTSD Regional Governing Board Policy Committee, 5 p.m., CDC

AGENDA: I. Welcome. II. Public comments. III. Approval of Jan. 14 minutes. 1. For discussion/revision. A. No. 5080-Dress Code-SVSU only. B. C6140-Telecommunications and Network Policy. C. C6141-Computer, Network and Internet Acceptable Use. D. C7100-Organizational Structure. E. Research/Read C7195-Execution of Policy Administration Regulations. F. C7300-Public Participation at Board Meetings. IV. Other. FYI-Previous Work Accomplished. 1. Review/Discussion of Policies: A. Research/Read C1000-Policies on Policies. B. Research-C2600-Superintendent Evaluation. C. Research-C3100-Transportation. D. C3216-Idling of Vehicles.


Shaftsbury Elementary School District Board of Directors' Special Meeting, 6:30 p.m., Shaftsbury Elementary School Learning Center

AGENDA: I. Reorganization of board and appointments to committees. II. Citizens comments. III. Action items. 1. Financial. A. Treasurer's reports —December 2018 (amended) January / February 2019. B. FY20 tuition approval. C. Authorization for executing contracts. D. Budget status report. E. Transfer requests. 2. Consent agenda. 3. Policies. A. WARN: No. 5185 Anaphylaxis. 4. Facilities. A. Ventilation project — plan Review. IV. Reports. 1. Principal. 2. Chair. 3. SVSU. V. Other. VI. FYI. 1. SVSU student enrollment - March. 2. FY18 Shaftsbury audit report. 3. Policies: No. 5100 screening-administrative regulations updated and No. 5140 communicable diseases-administrative regulations updated. 4. Next regular meeting, April 11.

Bennington Planning Commission, 5 p.m., Town of Bennington Conference Room

AGENDA: I. Land use and development regulations update project - review of proposals. II. Other business.


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