Local history: The Four Corners, circa 1890


Tim Wager is working to colorize hundreds of black-and-white photographs of Bennington in the 19th and 20th centuries, from the Bennington Museum collection. He's publishing them in a six-book series, and has agreed to allow the Banner to publish some of his works. We'll be presenting one a week, in this space, over the next several weeks.

This week, we're featuring a photo taken in the 1890s in downtown Bennington, at the corner of North and Main Streets. The man may be posing for the photo, but the horse's head is blurred, thanks to its movement and the slow shutter speed of the camera.

The building to the right, with the green porches, is the Hotel Putnam. The Post Office is on the opposite corner, where the People's United Bank stands today, and to the immediate left are the offices of the Banner.

Wager's book series is called "Bennington History: A Colorized Journey through the 19th-20th Century." Two books in the series have been published.



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