Letters: Help keep batteries from children

Friday December 23, 2011

Help us keep batteries from children

With the hectic holiday and toy buying season in full swing, I and my Energizer colleagues would like to share some information about an urgent, growing danger many people may not be aware of: Small children are accidentally swallowing coin-sized button batteries, becoming severely injured, and in some cases, dying.

Coin-size lithium batteries can be found in everyday devices such as mini remote controls for MP3 players or speaker docks, flameless candles, calculators, bathroom scales, car key fobs as well as some toys. Pay careful attention when purchasing devices or receiving as gifts. When swallowed, button batteries can easily lodge in the throats of children and burn through the esophagus in as little as two hours.

Because some of these devices are not children’s toys, the battery compartments are often easy to open and the batteries are easily accessible to small children. In 2010 alone, more than 3,400 button battery swallowing cases were reported in the U.S., and as devices become slimmer and sleeker, this danger is only expected to grow.

Energizer and Safe Kids recently launched a video "The Battery Controlled" to help raise awareness and educate parents and caregivers on the dangers of these batteries. Watch the brief video on UTube and visit Facebook for additional details.

The Call-to-Action: Keep coin-sized button batteries and devices that use them out of reach if the battery compartments aren’t secure.

If a child swallows a battery, go to the emergency room right away.

Tell others about this hidden danger and share these steps.

From myself, and my colleagues at Energizer, have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. For more information on this important issue and for tips on how to protect your family, visit www.thebatterycontrolled.com.


North Bennington


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