Letter: With public displays, allow all, or none

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To the Editor:

This is a satirical story...

The other day, I was walking down the street. Out front of their house, three 8-year-old girls sat having a good time drawing flowers and stick men on the sidewalk with their colored chalks. I must say that some of the stick men did resemble certain town officials. It relieved my mind to think that soon we will have a Board of Artistic Aristocrats (BAA) to curtail these little ne'er-do-wells from defacing town property. It will be safe to walk the streets of Bennington once again.

Seriously, hasn't this community learned anything from the brouhaha that occurred when the residents of the Vermont Veterans' Home tried to put a Christmas cross on the band gazebo? One citizen protested and the community was up in arms once again. In the final analysis, the cross came down and was reinstalled on private property across the street.

Selectors, think about it. Every week, one group or another will be arguing about the merits of using the town's property to enhance the public good. Either you have to let everyone use the public spaces for their agendas or no one is allowed to enrich us with their opinions at the town's expense. One thing Bennington doesn't need is another layer of bureaucracy. We don't need another hammer-pound on the wedge that divides the haves and the have-nots.

Respectfully submitted,

Gerald "Jerry" Albert,




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