Letter: Where is justice in Leonard Forte case?

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To the Editor:

This is about Leonard Forte, charged with the rape of a then 12-year-old girl, and the joke that he made of the Vermont judicial system. It has been a few years since this paper has published a story about Mr. Forte and his gaming of the Vermont court system to avoid prosecution for more than 25 years. Well, the story thankfully hasn't died as USA Today's coverage shows in https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2019/11/20/cop-stalls-his-child-sex-abuse-trial-claiming-dying/2574771001/.

I have been a member of the legal bar for almost 35 years and it is stories like this that make me want to tear up my law license and disavow ever having practiced law. So much blame to go around in the Vermont court system via a series of judges and a prosecutor who Forte seems to have completely bamboozled. This abomination deserves to be placed on Judge Mandeville's epitaph one day so it forever marks his legacy and David Tartter should forever wear it like a modern day Scarlet Letter. I wonder what any of these men, among others, would feel like if it was/had been their 12-year-old daughter put through this with ZERO justice received for her alleged horrendous victimization?

Eric Sleeper,

Tamarac, Florida



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