Letter: Where does town money go?

To the editor:

A few weeks ago the Banner's front page article stated, "water rates continue to increase due to a lack of use."

Wasn't that the reason we had to have water meters at $400 apiece? Less usage, lower rates?

A few weeks earlier (Bennington Town Manager) Stuart Hurd told the people concerned that the $80,000 raised from the sale of water from Morgan Spring was used to maintain the water treatment plant and to lower residences' water rates. What happened?

I had a meeting with Stuart Hurd two years ago for various reasons and one of the questions I asked him was, "Where does the Morgan Springs money go?" he said, "Into the General Fund."

What happens to the money once it's in "The General Fund?'

This spring the senior center's 14 passenger bus was found, "no longer road worthy." Our town manger sold the bus for salvage for $1,200. Where did this money go? "The General Fund?"

Senors had donated the money for this bus many years ago. It took five years of bake sales, raffles, etc., to raise the money. I'm 81 years old and I don't have five years to wait.

We need help to get a new bus. Shouldn't the salvage money have gone back to the senior center? Also the money in the senior center budget for travel, maintenance, supplies, etc., has been taken from the budget. Couldn't this money have gone towards a replacement bus fund? Or did the salvage and budget money go to the "The General Fund?"

I would like to know how money gets in the fund and what you need to do to get money out of the fund?

Our senior center director has worked hard to keep a few events scheduled at the center this summer. Thanks to the agency for the aged and Green Mountain Express. But the trips will end in September. The senior center is getting one step closer to being relocated to the rec center basement.

— Beverly McCoy



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