Letter: What's Winburn like? Ask his woodworker

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To the Editor:

This letter concerns Pat Winburn, candidate for governor.

I don't know Pat as a politician or even as a lawyer. I've done work on Pat's house (I'm a woodworker).

I learn a lot about people by noticing how they treat the folks who work for them, which is a perspective most people never have a chance to see.

My perspective: Through working for, and talking with, Pat, Kim, and Alfie, I believe that Pat Winburn is a kind, compassionate, extremely intelligent man who is sincerely concerned about others. I do not think most working folks are truly represented by the people in government these days.

I'm voting for Pat, as I know that he has an agenda of fairness for all. He would be an amazing governor and a real breath of fresh air in a somewhat smoggy time.

Neil Ritter,




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