Letter: Weinstein scandal a symptom of larger problem

To the Editor:

As the Board President of PAVE, a non-profit organization supporting victims of sexual assault and domestic violence here in Bennington County, I wanted to take this opportunity to speak about the recent Banner article 10/15/17 where Alicia Menendez interviewed CEO of Viacom Bob Bakish at Burr & Burton Academy's Riley Center. The interviewer asked Mr. Bakish about the numerous accusations of sexual assault in the entertainment industry, specifically Harvey Weinstein. Unfortunately this type of abuse is pervasive throughout the country and right here in Bennington county.

This is an opportunity to turn this horrific event into a positive movement for all women who are daily victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Recent articles have suggested that Weinstein's wife Georgina Chapman life's work at Marchesa is over because of the stain of Mr. Weinstein association with her fashion house. I would urge her to not let him destroy her brand. Rather use her wide network of strong women to support organizations, such as PAVE, throughout this country, to help women who don't have the ability to move to a safe place to live or any money to escape their abusers. These predators destroy their lives and the lives of their children.

It is sad when personal tragedies are splashed across the pages of the newspaper and world wide networks. We need to do more to help women who have no resources or ability to escape abuse. Please consider the positive things everyone in Bennington County could do to help the women and children who are your neighbors, co-workers and friends.

Paula Sherman

PAVE board president


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