Letter: Wealthy seem to be the only beneficiaries

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To the Editor:

Oh, how they failed. Since President Ronald Reagan, the wealthy have been given huge tax breaks at the expense of the middle class and working class. I guess the wealthy aren't wealthy enough?

To balance the federal budget, our contributions to Social Security have been stolen for years, to fund wars, bailouts and these tax giveaways. All social welfare security nets for our country are and have been cut to fund wealthy loopholes. Cuts to education, Medicare, Medicaid, infrastructure, security, national parks, energy, environment and healthcare, to name a few. All budget cuts to fund the wealthy giveaways. Why?

Now we have the Russians, China, North Korea and other countries conspiring through the internet attacking our election, banking, technology, energy grid and communications to disrupt our democracy. Hardly anything is being said from our leaders. Why?

We have the president and the GOP covering up any knowledge that the Russians have and are at war with us through the internet and trying to influence another presidential election. On July 4, 2017, several Republicans leaders visited Russia, for what? The U.S. intelligence agencies knew of Russian involvement in the 2016 election during 2015 and told the Gang of Eight. Mitch McConnell didn't want this told to the citizens of America. We need to know why. And then there is Trump's five meetings with Putin and no one knows what was spoken. Hours of meetings and no accountability. Why?

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At the state level, it was recently written that our youth are leaving Vermont for greener pastures for better paying careers. Colleges are closing, education from K-12 lacks funding, jobs don't pay a living wage. This is not only in Vermont. Did you know there are more millionaires and billionaires in this country than ever before? We have one of the worst and most expensive health care delivery in the world. Why?

We have been talking about affordable housing for decades. At the same time, home builders are building bigger and bigger homes for the wealthy. We give tax breaks to large economic developments that don't cover the cost of financing new infrastructure to meet their needs and the cost are passed on to the community. These developments usually don't pay their employees a living wage or benefits. Why?

Education, healthcare and affordable housing are important economically for our communities, our state and country. So far it's been all talk or nothing. Why?

Russell Wilber,



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