Letter: We do not need more chemicals in our water

To the Editor:

Some folks think that adding fluoridation chemicals to our pristine water supply will magically solve our dental problems. The Bennington area has been dealing with water pollutants for over a year. We do not need to add more chemicals to our water system.

Two Town committees (2001 and 2017) were appointed to study our dental issue and propose solutions. Their lists of solutions were similar. They include: the education of parents and young children on the importance of brushing and flossing, encouraging eating good healthy foods, removing soda from school lunches, giving away toothbrushes and toothpaste, bringing dental hygienists back to the schools (previously cut due to tight budgets), paying interns from dental schools to provide cleanings, and a dental help fund for cleanings and fillings for adults. If we had followed through on these actions in 2001, Bennington residents would now have the best dental health in Vermont.

Good progress will require a sustained effort and will not happen overnight. Bennington now has affordable dental care options available to residents. Let us continue with the positive steps and respect the decision of Bennington voters on the issue of fluoridation.

Mary Lou Albert


The writer is a member of Bennington Citizens Against Fluoridated Water


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