Letter: Wake up to dangers of fake news

To the editor:

We have become a nation of "false news" junkies. In a recent Bennington Banner article detailing the presentation of award winning journalist, Ann Galloway, founder of VTDigger, we discovered that, "two thirds of Americans now get their `news' from social media sources," like Facebook and Twitter. But as we are also now learning, much of this "news" originates not from trusted, well-researched and edited sources in this country, but from Russian KGB operatives posing as bona fide American citizens. This "false news" propaganda is then circulated throughout the nation via social media to our na ve citizens by means of "bots" and "trolls" located in Russia. The purpose of this false news; confuse and divide American citizens and destroy the democratic foundations of our nation. A new generation of drug-using, dumbed-down Americans have emerged and become addicted to the entertainment value of this "false news" without grasping that it is designed not to "Make America Great Again," but to destroy America and to "Make Russia Great Again.". Wake up America! There is a fox in the hen house.

— William C. Thwing



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