Letter: Vote 'yes' to maintain local control

On Tuesday, our community has a big choice to make as we vote on the merger of our school system and in particular our elementary schools. This state law has many of us in an uncomfortable place, including me a person who sat on the final version of the Act 46 committee as a community member. What has me the most anxious is if it is voted down. If the merger is not approved on Tuesday, then we truly lose local control of our school system, and the state will make a decision for us.

It is hard to be in a position where the state might hand down a district makeup that doesn't truly represent our community. I'm not pleased with being forced to merge when I believe there are other areas the state could take aim at more aggressively. I like my little town school in Shaftsbury where my "elementary district" is governed by town lines rather than imaginary lines devised by a board.

What this merger is bringing to light is an opportunity for all of us to face our school system head on. Should the merger pass, and I hope it does, we all have a great opportunity to make our elementary, middle and high school an amazing entity. Our new board, also being voted on Tuesday, will have the hard work of coming up with policies for our Elementary System that will impact everything from the sharing of resources to district lines. This is no easy feat and something we all should continue to stay involved with.

On Tuesday, please consider voting yes for the Act 46 merger. By voting yes we are, believe it or not, maintaining local control.

Erin McEnaney



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