Letter: Vote yes on water bond

To the editor:

Far be it for me to tell anyone how to vote, be it concerning elections, bond issues or anything else; but I would like to share my thoughts regarding the Bennington Waste Water facility.

I have read the information concerning this 30-year old plant. I admit that I don't understand some of the technical parts, but I have faith in the honesty and integrity of the people that have been maintaining and repairing the plant for decades. The state has mandates that must be put in place. One example of state requirements is the need for a

Discharge Permit. Without this permit the town (tax payer) would be liable for fines for not insuring the quality of the water being discharged into the Walloomsac River. There are many other requirements that cannot be met without the upgrades.

This situation could be compared with a 30-year old roof on a homeowner's dwelling that is way past its 20-year guarantee. After many patches over the years, the homeowner decides to "bite the bullet" and pay the money to have the whole roof replaced before, because of rain water intrusion the whole thing collapses. If waiting too long, there would be the added cost of repairing damage to the ceilings, walls, etc. inside the home. Before this happens, the new roof, as the waste water plant upgrades, would be costly. But not nearly as expensive as waiting too long to take action.

For these reasons, I will be going to the Firehouse on Oct. 10 to cast my yes vote on this bond issue.

— Ron Alderman



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