Letter: Vote 'yes' on climate resolution

To the Editor:

I am writing to urge Manchester voters to attend Town Meeting and to vote yes on Article 16, the environmental resolution about climate change.

For me, the reasons are obvious. 1: Our climate is undergoing catastrophic changes. 2: The changes are happening as a direct result of human activity, such as burning fossil fuels and the release of methane due to fracking. 3: The climate changes are speeding up and worsening; time is running out to do something about it; and the effects to our atmosphere will be present for a long time, even after we stop polluting. 4: Our federal government has been and is presently unwilling to address this crisis, so that meaningful action must take place on an individual level, on a town/city level, and a state-wide level.

1: Our climate is warming. This is absolutely true, not a "hoax". The data is from temperature readings at 1,500 places around the globe, showing that the 15 warmest years on our planet occurred in the past 16 years.

2: Ninety-seven percent of real climate scientists (not stooges paid by oil companies) agree that human activity is causing global warming and climate change. The increase in the number and the strength of hurricanes, wild fires, floods and droughts have ALL been predicted over 20 years ago by climate scientists and even by Exxon's own scientists. (The Exxon data was suppressed for obvious reasons.)

3: Carbon dioxide and methane do not dissipate quickly; they remain in our atmosphere for centuries, affecting our climate long after they are released. We are fast approaching 2 degrees Celsius above normal (pre-industrial levels), which is the absolute maximum increase in global temperature that our planet can tolerate and still support civilization as we know it. Above that level, crop yields decrease, oceans are too acidic to support aquatic life as we know it, low lying cities (New York, Miami, Mumbai) are flooded, Spain, Greece and Italy become deserts, etc.

4: President Trump is doing everything possible to make the situation worse. He withdrew from the Paris agreement and placed fossil fuel cheerleaders in charge of our energy and environmental protection agencies. Only states, cities and individuals can effect change right now. New York City recently said they would divest their stock portfolio, worth $480 Billion, from fossil fuels and are suing the five largest oil companies for damage to the city as a direct result of fossil fuels.

The Town Meeting Day Resolution is our opportunity to join the fight to save civilization as we know it. Please come out, plan to stay a while (Article 16 is the last article), and vote yes. Let's do something positive. Let's be able to look our grandchildren in the eye and say we did what we could to leave them a livable world.

Carl Bucholt

Manchester Center


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