Letter: Vote reflects poorly on board's priorities

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my disappointment with the BSD board over their recent decision not to renew Jerry O'Connor's contract. I was a Benn El parent for nine years. Two of my three daughters (now all young adults) were in Mr. O'Connor's 6th grade class.

There was never a moment when I felt anything other than positive about Jerry O'Connor's performance, involvement, mentorship and general caring of all students that he interacted with. Many people are sharing positive things about Jerry so I do not need to echo them by saying more except the following.

From the perspective of a taxpayer and a voter I know that maintaining the health of our school system is a complicated process. The removal of a strong compassionate, long term, educator and mentor is a reflection of the BSD board's priorities.

As has been stated by others, I feel strongly that Jerry O'Connor should continue to be part of our schools. Many things about this decision and how it was arrived at do not feel right. I will also note that it is very interesting that after making this huge and unpopular a decision the Board also decided not to meet in February and that the decision was made without the entire board present.

Abby Shapiro



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