Letter: Vote "no" on Act 46

As board member, I have attended numerous Act 46 meetings and have empathy for those in the audience who ask questions. Some of the answers have been "maybe," "we don't know," "can't answer that" and "that's the job for the new board." This leaves one to believe that the people presenting Act 46 don't know what they are talking about. The state and the legislators threaten the boards and the taxpayers by stating that if we don't vote in Act 46, then the state will come down and do it for you. I say let them do it. The state has been negligent in the handling of our finances. They knew years ago there was a deficit brewing and they failed to repair it. The legislators are also at fault. Both parties have created the mess we are in. Let them clear it up.

Over the years, the state and the legislators have said what a good job we've been doing with our finances at SVSU and on consolidating our departments. They even went so far as to say that they are using our SVSU as a model for the rest of the state. The state and legislators need to do their job and not pawn their obligations onto the school boards. They need to be accountable and responsible to taxpayers. As an example, there is a potential that Shaftsbury school could be closed after a few years and here's why: if they take our sixth-graders out of our school and look to reconfigure the numbers of other grades, potentially, we could lose enough students that they could close down our school. In closing we already meet 85 percent of the Act 46 mandate now. Once we go this route and Act 46 in voted in there will be no turning back. As long a long time board member, I have seen it all or so I thought. Vote no on Act 46.

Francis E. Kinney



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