Letter: Vote for Jodie Hudson

To the Editor:

Our school superintendent and our current School Board have obviously made another misstep with their decision to not renew Jerry O'Connor's contract as assistant principal at Bennington Elementary School.

Last year it was the parents at Molly Stark who had to fight to keep Dr. Mugits in his job; the year before that it was the parents at the high school who had to rally around Mike Malloy, as the administration "moved in a new direction."

We voters have entrusted our most valuable asset, our children, to this school board and this superintendent, and I am disheartened that they apparently don't know much about what is really going on in our schools.

We need representatives on the school board who have actually spent time in our schools.

Fortunately, we have a candidate this year, Jodie Hudson, who has in fact taught at Benn El, and who has stood up for the hard working teachers there as their union representative. She has real on-the-job experience and the temperament to ask the right questions and to stand up for our children and the dedicated staff who are working on the front lines in a very trying environment.

I will be voting for Jodie on Town Meeting Day and I encourage her support.

Don't complain - VOTE!

Ned Perkins



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