Letter: Vermont doesn't need divisive GOP rhetoric

To the Editor:

Why is Governor Scott silent? Since last Wednesday, there is still a lack of clarity from the governor's office on the VT GOP's use of the slogan "Make Vermont Great Again!"

I had hoped the 2018 election would represent a return to civility, both nationally and here in Vermont. The VT GOP has decided to do its best to continue the divisive politics of the past few years.

The VT GOP vice chair said of the slogan: "What's the big deal? It's a fundraising piece. Some people are intentionally triggering themselves so they can engage in moral preening."

I am not triggered, I am disturbed! I am disturbed that the VT GOP has decided to echo the rhetoric of a man who questions the ability of judges to be impartial based on their place of birth, who mocks the disabled, who actively maligns immigrants as criminals — I could go on.

I ask Phil Scott, the leader of the Republican Party, to make it clear that Washington rhetoric doesn't belong in Vermont. I ask Phil Scott to denounce the VT GOP's use of this slogan and all the hate it represents to Vermont's marginalized.

Let's make 2018 a year of dialogue and inclusivity.

Christine Hallquist


The writer is a Democratic candidate for governor of Vermont.


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