Letter: Use of glue traps inhumane to mice


To the Editor:

This letter is in regard to Margaret Button's column, on the Food Page of the Jan. 2, 2019 Banner, concerning the use of glue traps to trap mice. While Ms. Button's description of trying, unsuccessfully, to trap a mouse using glue traps behind her canisters tried to be amusing to the reader, it was offensive and insensitive to the thousands of readers who believe in the humane treatment of all creatures. Not only did it not belong on a page which features food, it showed the immaturity of the writer in dealing with a situation involving a creature considered by some to be a pet.

Regardless of one's feelings on mice, glue traps and glue boards are inhumane and often trap, not only mice, but also other innocent creatures including birds and pets, causing horrific, prolonged suffering. They are in the same category as leg hold traps. These types of glue traps have been banned in many areas and, recently, by many companies including industrial complexes and airports, due to their inhumane nature. Perhaps the Banner could provide coverage of the latest research and findings on this issue. PETA and the Humane Society are actively involved in banning the use of such traps.

At the very least, I would hope that Ms. Button's columns no longer appear in the Banner.

Joyce Van Orden,




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