Letter: Trying to sow doubt over climate change


To the Editor:

John McClaughry's commentary, "Get Ready for Climate Strike Disruption," in the Bennington Banner on Sept. 12, was a master class in how to continue sowing climate change doubt and denial. It's a great shame if pieces like these still are being treated seriously.

We do have a human-caused climate emergency, as 97 percent of climate scientists agree, after decades of careful research and conservative predictions as to what is happening and what is causing it. We do need to draw broad attention to accurate scientific information, and greatly increase what we are doing in order to respond to the emergency in the relatively short time period left for an effective response. We have the wealth and technology to do an adequate job, but not yet the public awareness and the political will. This is thanks to the corporate minders of our economy, our political corruption, and our squelched media, and they are determined to cling to the status-quo, which is the source of their great wealth.

With McClaughry's quotation marks around climate emergency, as if it is not real, and his tone of sarcasm and mockery, he seems to want to undermine what needs to be done. I had to laugh when he described "turning the scientifically clueless teenagers loose." I'm guessing many of them , especially 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, are far more knowledgeable about the coming climate difficulties and disasters facing them than he is! I also can't follow his argument that he knows which injustices are worthy of civil disobedience actions, and which are not. Surely standing up for a livable planet for yourself, your children and grandchildren is as worthy as it can get. One wonders what McClaughry gets out of shilling for the unsustainable status-quo?

And what does he have to say to members of his extended family?

Paula Schramm,

Enosburg Falls



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