Letter: Trump and the teleprompter

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To the Editor:

One thing I would be willing to bet money on, and I'm not a gambling person, is that when Donald Trump gives a speech, while reading a teleprompter, it has been written by one of his corrupt Republican political advisers.

And what really bothers me is that there is never any explanation why his thinking has changed so dramatically from before, to now. We certainly know he has not gotten any smarter. A brain transplant? Hypnosis? Lobotomy? Just a little humor here.

I hope the people who listen to his teleprompter driven speeches realize that they are simply based on what the American people expect from a competent sitting president, and not what Trump is capable of offering. The past few horrible months has shown exactly what he has been incapable of.

I believe almost every word coming from his own mouth to be a lie. These teleprompter writers are good at trying to convince people that all is well.

But we smart Americans know that all is not well, and will not be, until after the November 2020 election.

Voters, please remember all he has done and said. That reveals the REAL Donald Trump!

Linda Brown,




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