Letter: Trapping is inhumane

To the editor:

In response to the trapper who supports inhumane killing of animals in traps and is against (Protect our Wildlife) POW, he is ill informed. (Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife) has not presented evidence that trapping is necessary to balance wildlife existence. Furthermore, F&W does not require that all trappers report the species of animals they have caught. So we don't know how many non-target animals are needlessly killed. As a veterinarian, I have treated cats and dogs caught in traps. They suffer a great deal of pain and one cat died. I could not save her. She was in the trap for at least four days, was badly dehydrated, her leg bone was crushed and she died in a great deal of pain. A friend found a great white owl in a trap in Bristol. From the looks of it, he said it died from starvation. Trappers have a poor reputation for checking their traps and for setting traps in areas where pets and wildlife are prominent. It is time to consider the desires 80 percent of Vermonters that do not hunt or trap. Wildlife means a lot to us. We like to look at the animals as we hike in the Vermont woods. We like to think about their lives and their happiness. And their right to be free from the horrible intense pain of the steel jawed leg hold trap and the conibear trap.

— Peggy W. Larson, DVM MS JD



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