Letter: 'Transparency board' for police suggested

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To the Editor:

Will a Transparency Board be effective in establishing individual/community trust and collaboration for the Bennington Police Department?

A Transparency Board is a time-honored, appropriate, and legitimate tool used to examine an agency's policies, procedures, or practices. Also, one of the most important aspects of a Transparency Board is to invite people outside of the Bennington Police Department to sit at the table.

With only agency specific members at the table, groupthink may arise. Or, the agency specific members may not have the expertise to ask the challenging questions; or they do not want to embarrass themselves by asking a question they don't have an answer to.

Simply, a Transparency Board (if institutionalized correctly) will significantly benefit the Town of Bennington. A Transparency Board will begin to establish a new era of collaboration and trust throughout the Bennington Police Department and the community it serves.

It is not healthy to be above review or reproach. No one — alone — has all the answers.

Respectfully submitted,

James A. Gulley, Jr.,




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