Letter: Tourism spending in line with state's small size?


To the Editor:

Maybe I'm missing something here?

August 10 Banner — Matt Harington, new chair of VT Travel & Recreation Council decries the fact that VT is number 49 out of 50 states on spending for promoting tourism. Is this maybe possible because coincidentally VT is the least populous state after ND? Therefore there are fewer tax payer pockets to dig into?

In the same issue of the Banner, there is an article describing how the St. Albans police chief "directed that there be an internal administrative investigation conducted." This after the ACLU brought to light the fact that back in March a handcuffed woman was beat up by a police officer in a jail cell while other officers watched. The question is why is this type of conduct condoned in the first place? How can the upper echelons ignore these things for years and then claim ignorance?

About the same time, the media seems to condemn a police officer for shooting a man in Montpelier that was pointing a gun at him and other officers. The media made a big point of the fact the weapon was "Only a pellet gun". Photographs of the weapon were shown. To me, it certainly looked like a .45 caliber automatic pistol. And I had the time to study it, which the officers did not.

Granted, there are some bad apples on police forces, as there are in any segment of the population. But, in my opinion, about 95 percent of law enforcement officers, under ever increasing criticism, are doing their very best to adhere to their motto of "To protect and serve." They certainly have my support and respect.

As I said, maybe I'm missing something here?

Ron Alderman,




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