Letter: To pot or not to pot?

To the editor:

My thoughts and remarks regarding the marijuana legalization controversy.

First, I must congratulate Governor Scott for taking a stand on this bill. He could have taken the easy way out and simply let it be passed into law, as some politician would have done. Although I agree with his position, I would not have condemned him if he had gone the other way and signed the bill into law. Thank you, Governor, for "manning up."

Some reasons why I am very wary of legalization: It is agreed by both sides that even "second hand smoke" can have an adverse effect on a child's brain, although there is no serious penalty for having a young one riding in a marijuana smoke-filled vehicle. Apparently smoking this drug has no adverse effect on older persons?

The bill would allow for the use of "small amounts" of marijuana. The term "small amounts" seems ambiguous and very subjective. Hopefully our legislators can come up with a more objective term.

Marijuana is referred to by some as an "introductory" drug. Along these lines, some time ago I heard part of an interview with Senator Dick Sears, one of the leading proponents of legalization, on WBTN. A few days later, I read an article espousing the benefits of smoking pot. I emailed both Senator Sears and the author of the article asking the same question. "In these days of surveys going on day after day, have there been surveys asking hard drug addicts if they started out with harmless marijuana?" I received no reply from either source.

Lastly, something I find kind of amusing; namely, when this subject was first brought up in the legislature, members of both houses were shocked that anyone would suggest or imply that anyone in Montpelier would have any idea of raising tax revenue from marijuana. Now this is being seriously discussed around the Capital; not regarding this bill, but in the near future. Apparently the thinking has "evolved."

— Ron Alderman



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