Letter: There are no limits on respecting human life

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To the Editor:

In President Trump's address to the UN, he proudly listed his accomplishments since taking office. Referencing his stance on abortion, and strides being taken to overturn Roe v. Wade, he stated: "Every baby, both born and unborn, is a precious gift from God."

I am 100 percent Pro Life and those words, coming from his mouth, jarred me to the core. What about the thousands of innocent, helpless "precious gifts from God" that he ordered to be snatched from their mothers' arms and put into cages? How abandoned and traumatized these "precious gifts of God" must feel — and those scars will last a lifetime.

I believe in the Sanctity of Life from conception to natural death, as ordained by the Giver of Life. Trump claims to respect life when referencing babies, "both born and unborn" (his words). But his respect for human life vanishes once they leave the womb. The need and right to be treated humanely, with dignity and respect, continues throughout every human being's lifetime. In God's eyes, we are all "precious" every moment of our lives.

In that same UN speech, Trump spoke of the dangers of vaping, stating something must be done to stop it, because it's killing children and young people. How true, but why is he not as concerned about removing assault weapons from civilians' hands? Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell refuses to bring bills on extended background checks and "red flag" laws up for a vote, knowing that, if they pass, Trump will veto them.

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How many more children must die in classrooms, victims of a deranged individual wielding an assault weapon that should only be allowed to be sold to our military for combat use? These children were once the babies Trump refers to as "precious gifts from God." Why does he turn a blind eye to the carnage taking the lives of innocent, helpless children? Why is he so concerned about vaping as opposed to school shootings? Perhaps the vaping industry's pockets are not as deep as those of the NRA.

Did you ever dream that one day AMERICAN children would need to have safety drills in their classrooms to prepare for the possibility of a school shooting? Or that you'd see AMERICAN children going off to school wearing bulletproof backpacks? No public place is safe. Even our houses of worship are conducting safety drills preparing for the possibility of a shooting. We can't live in fear, but we must be vigilant and cautious wherever we go. AMERICA has become a very dangerous place to live.

October is Respect for Life Month. As Americans, and Christians, shouldn't we make respecting and protecting life in all its forms and stages a priority, every day of the year? Let us all begin treating one another kindly, respectfully, and uphold the dignity of every human being. Isn't that how every "precious gift from God" should be treated?

Margaret Boulet,



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