Letter: The nicest outcome to a potential disaster


To the Editor:

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled into a parking space at Hannaford Market and a lady tapped on my window. I rolled down the window and she said "Do you know that your dog (Bibi, a standard poodle) jumped out of the window and is running around in traffic out front?" I couldn't believe that I had hit the back window button, didn't hear it because of music playing and my dog was gone and in immediate danger of being run over and or causing a major accident.

I pulled back out, parked my car at the exit and saw at least 10 people trying to stop traffic and catch my dog!!!! All of a sudden Bibi jumped into a lady's car and she wheeled into the parking lot and delivered her to me.

I have no idea who all of these wonderful people were but just want to express my gratitude. I am overwhelmed by how many of you took the time to help a helpless (but wicked) poodle named Bibi. I promise to Pay It Forward to the next animal (and owner) in need.

Kathy Hoisington,




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