Letter: SVMC to be commended


To the editor:

Despite the unending letters beseeched with propaganda and manipulation attempting to term the purposeful murder of a human life in-utero as a "right to choose" or a woman's "health issue", etc., abortion indeed remains the intentional cessation of life. For the group of people who support this and somehow simultaneously purport to align themselves on the side of "science", it certainly doesn't take a PHD in Biology from an Ivy League institution to comprehend the very obvious fact that this horrific yet grievously popular act ends the life of a human individual. In fact, all mainstream Dictionaries define a fetus as an unborn baby.

As far as the misleading, beguiling statements propagated by those who fight tooth and nail to preserve a woman's "right to choose", again both reality and biology instead speak the truth. Women do not arbitrarily wake up "with-child". The fact, i.e.: science of the matter is that a number of choices had already gone by the wayside in terms of the women who become pregnant:

No. 1 With the exception of the infinitesimal number of sexual assaults that result in pregnancy annually — for the most part, women have made the conscious decision or "choice" to be sexually active. To the best knowledge currently documented by the medical community to date - celibacy or abstinence is not a terminal condition — for either gender.

No. 2 The parties involved in that first "choice" to be sexually active, have made yet another "choice" — again except under exceptionally rare cases wherein properly administered birth control has failed — to not utilize one or more of the plethora of birth control methods widely available — many of which are easy obtainable often free of charge — at numerable locales.

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No. 3 As in the sport of baseball, three strikes and you're out. Your "choices" were made and the resultant well known and long documented medical marvel of conception has again resulted; you are now officially transitioning into the world of responsibility and accountability for your own actions, i.e.: "choices".

Abortion has never genuinely or historically been a women's rights issue, (including within the original "suffrage" movements of the 19th Century) but it has been sold to the impressionable public from the beginning as such. Abortion is in fact a Human Rights issue that involves two parents (the father in question here whom possesses no rights whatsoever under the law concerning his own child) and most importantly the innocent unborn child. The sterile and highly misleading dialogue and verbiage used by the abortion industry may indeed make the public feel more comfy and cozy herein, but it never alters what is actually occurring here — that being the gruesome murder of a human being prior to its natural birth.

As Ronald Reagan once remarked somewhat comically but nonetheless quite rationally remarked: "I notice that everybody who is pro-abortion already has been born."

I mightily commend the SVMC Board of Directors and collectively all health-care institutions for their steadfast stance on this issue within an era and a political climate that has failed to protect not any "women's choice" but instead the very lives of the children by the millions who have never been provided the chance to experience the sweet pleasures of a first ice-cream cone or to learn their ABC's. Instead, one of their first and very rapidly their last have to experience the seething, searing burn of acid injected into their growing bodies in order to end - i.e.: abort - their developing bodies.

Kathleen Gaffney



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