Letter: Suggested rewording for BLM mural

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To the Editor:

I just read the article in today's Banner regarding the street mural that has been approved to show community support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

I fully believe that Black lives do indeed matter. However, adding the word "all" at the beginning of the slogan does not convey the full message that, according to the article, is the intent behind the design.

The article states: "Gerisch said the design is based on a mural created in Los Angeles that added the word "all" to symbolize inclusion of Blacks and other members of the LGBTQ+ community, and all people who have felt marginalized through their mistreatment by police or authorities."

However, it does not represent those other marginalized groups, because they are not mentioned.

Wouldn't a more accurate — and possibly more politically correct — design be to simply state "All Lives Matter." That would encompass all people who fall under the banner of prejudice and racism. Or, it could read: "Black Lives Matter, too."

Just some food for thought....

Margaret Boulet,




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