Letter: Strong mayor government would improve town's future

To the Editor:

After reading this weekend's article in the Banner, I can only conclude it's a sad "state of affairs" when the town manager and members of the Select Board are trying to lead the community to believe "...we have a pretty strong system of government now, and it will be better with the [pending] charter revisions." Or, "...that there are no checks and balances..." in a mayoral form of government. This is utter nonsense.

If the 'Salt Shed" incident, or the "Crystal Rock" contract are the basis for a strong system of government, this town is really in trouble! The Banner article only spills out the same regurgitated mess that has been previously choked down the reader's throat and obviously intended to cloud the facts, and elicit fear in the minds of community members.

Evidently, the Banner appears to be so far in the pocket of our town's management, there's no falling out! Let's be clear...A strong mayoral form of government is not a "czar" form of government. A czar is defined as; "a person appointed by government to advise on and coordinate policy in a particular area". This is your town manager. A mayor is defined as; "the head of government of a city, town, borough, or municipal corporation." A mayor governs and leads! A town manager, apparently, misleads.

Frankly, aside from the mayoral issue; the town manager and assistant town manager should either be fired, or asked to resign in the face of the lack of leadership and accountability that was exposed in the Salt Shed incident. In addition, it is also obvious the Select Board refuses to hold the town manager and assistant town manager accountable for anything.

The problem is there is no one trying to improve the prosperity for our citizens, increase the transparency in our government, or improve accountability for the power hungry few. We need to look out for each other, to ensure a better future for ourselves, our children, and our children's children. And, as many of us see it, the way things are being run is total insanity; repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting a different result. This is clearly not the sign of a very bright future.

William H. Stewart



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