Letter: State must protect families from chemicals

To the Editor:

Our Vermont values of healthy families and communities are at risk, and the governor's first duty must be to protect Vermonters.

We have a moral and legal obligation to protect our children from poison. Therefore, the governor must sign S.103 — a bill designed to prevent toxic chemicals in drinking water and toys. This should be second nature: When human health is at risk, we must act swiftly and strongly.

This bill was in response to the crisis of toxic PFOA in Bennington drinking water, and addressing the unacceptable reality that our children are regularly being exposed to toxic toys. Since the bill was introduced, toxins have also been found in Rutland drinking water. When we protect the chemical industry, people get sick and taxpayers are left on the hook for clean up, lowered property values, and economic damage to communities.

The chemical industry has been lobbying hard against the bill, but it is our job as leaders to stand up for Vermonters — especially as our citizens have been actively endangered in recent years. People over profit. It's time to make this bill law.

James Ehlers


The writer is a Democratic candidate for governor of Vermont.


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