Letter: Stark St. Playground ideas are 'outlandish'

To the Editor:

Re the Stark Street Playground: I am one of the resident protesters. I have lived in my house for 58 years (come June). I do not think we need the type of rejuvenation that is being asked for! We do not need a splash park, pump track, public restrooms, increased parking!

Let's put it back as a children's playground!

Regarding sidewalks: The street is too narrow. If you tried to put one near my house you would run into the water and swere lines. I'm sure you don't want the extra expense.

The street is too narrow now; some days you can't get two cars passing each other.

With the expected increase in traffic, no child is safe crossing the road. When my children were growing up, I never worried about them going to the playground.

Please reconsider these outlandish ideas and put in sensible ideas.

Elizabeth A. Long



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