Letter: Stamper Brown not a good conservative voice

To the editor:

We commend the Bennington Banner on its policy of representing differing voices. We are familiar with newspapers that do not take this responsibility seriously.

However, we feel that the conservative viewpoint could be much represented by someone other than Susan Stamper Brown. Brown's comments are biased and often thoughtless raves that give no credit to any view but her own political persuasion. She consistently ignores facts and spews prejudice in a spiteful tone.

She is an insult to William F. Buckley, George F. Will, and other top-notch conservative minds. She has insulted President Obama repeatedly while continually cheer-leading Trump, a president often strongly criticized by conservative voices.

The Banner's readers deserve fair, constructive journalism from all sides — right, left, and center — so that we may strive to be better citizens and honor those who fought for this privilege.

We deserve better than Stamper Brown. The Bennington Banner can do better. Please consider doing so.

— David M. Wohlsen and Marian Owen Lewis,



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