Letter: Some were left out by Norman's Attic


To the Editor:

Every year St. James supported poorly the people of the community that were outside of downtown Arlington. They required people to donate $5 for a map of locations where yard sales were around the community, a sort of scavenger hunt and you had to pay to be on this map which most did not argue with. The donation for the map was asking a bit much, but some people did pay. This year they did not even provide the map for people who wanted to travel to outside yard sales, they did not offer the possibility for the scavenger hunter, they did not provide this idea for community members. This caused less traffic for those of us who are community members, too.

Yes, downtown Arlington was packed and revenue for St. James was up, but I thought Norman's attic is about all of Arlington, not just a special select few. I know I am not the only one with this opinion.

Pat Hall,




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