Letter: Shaftsbury citizens group endorses 3 candidates

To the Editor:

We the People of Shaftsbury is an association of over 60 residents within the Shaftsbury community who have come together in an effort to protect and advance America's fundamental values and the rights guaranteed to all by our Constitution through open, honest, respectful dialogue and action. In light of this mission, we are speaking out in favor of those candidates who would, we believe, best serve our community

Therefore, we formally endorse Marlene Hall, for town clerk; Melanie Dexter, for treasurer; and Tim Scoggins, for the Select Board. Each of these candidates has a proven record of necessary experience, ability, temperament and success to perform the requisite duties of the respective positions they seek. We urge the Shaftsbury community to vote for them on March 6.

These candidates have already shown their versatility in bringing their education and business acumen to bear to the ultimate benefit of our Town. Marlene Hall has built upon the excellent legacy that her predecessor Town Clerk, Judy Stratton, established. Marlene's work performance maintained the friendly, effective and welcoming service center in the place where most residents typically deal with Town officials. Melanie Dexter's service as the Shaftsbury Treasurer over the past three years has brought a professional Cornell MBA's abilities in problem solving to address issues that significantly benefit the Town. During her tenure she has implemented annual audits to manage funds, acquired the necessary bond to build a badly needed Town Garage, and installed easier systems for residents to pay taxes. And, Tim Scoggins has shown a skillful ability to move Shaftsbury forward as the Select Board Chairperson. His leadership has shepherded the Town to a cost effective process to replace the Town Garage; worked on continued efforts to support the Shaftsbury Elementary School and Town Fire Department, not to mention his continued work on digitizing land records for ease of oversight.

Our residents have shown great wisdom in electing these talented leaders previously. We need these leaders to continue to move our Town, and community forward. Please consider these factors and vote for Marlene Hall, Melanie Dexter and Tim Scoggins on March 6.

Carl Korman,

Chairperson, We the People of Shaftsbury


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