Letter: Sees opportunism by critics of Hurd

To the Editor:

Mr. Bethel's letter decrying the performance of the Select Board, calling Mr. Jacobs a liar and trying to make a case for a mayoral system is opportunism at its best.

If this incident had been uncovered, rather than admitted to, there might be story here, but the details of this series of events has been exposed by the people involved. An explanation covering the timeline and expectations shows no sinister plot to "skirt the rules of law."

Really, Mr. Bethel, your hyperbolic pearl-clutching and attempts to smear the names of local politicians is shameful. What possible basis could you have for saying the average citizen doesn't have a say in how this town is run? Were there no elections, is there no time for citizens to address the Select Board at their twice a month meetings, is Mr. Hurd hiding from input and suggestion somewhere?

You owe the Select Board, Mr. Hurd, Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Monks and this town an apology, sir.

Dave Crowley



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