Letter: Sees 'conspiracy theories' in Quantum Leap editorial

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To the Editor:

There is a "valuable lesson" to be learned from the MAUHS Quantum Leap situation: educational program decisions are best made on the basis of their measurable goals and outcomes, not drummed-up public opinion. One hopes that Banner reporting and editorial staff take that lesson to heart.

Your October 5-6 editorial falsely equates the QL situation with last year's restoration of Principal Jerry O'Connor. They are not even close to parallel. The Quantum Leap cessation was an educational program decision based on its long-term performance and fit into overall MAUHS goals. Under 40 minutes of biased feedback at a school board meeting is woefully insufficient field data for reversing that decision. O'Connor's lapse of contract renewal was not a program decision, but a personnel decision that was reversed by his choice to publicly present facts supportive of his restoration. One situation is the inverse of the other.

The Quantum Leap action certainly has personnel issues intertwined, as would be expected where years of individual staffing is involved. Going into executive session is not "hiding," nor "radio silence" nor "disrespectful to concerned stakeholders and every taxpayer." It is respecting the law, which calls for privacy. In terminating the QL program, MAUHS did not fire Ms. Crosier but offered her another position in the system. It was Ms. Crosier's decision to resign, declining MAUHS' employment offer. That closes and seals her personnel file.

A proper role for the Banner might be to cease enhancing conspiracy theories and start educating its readership on the challenges, complexities and emerging methods of working with at-risk students, of which our area has its full share. That may not sell extra newspapers, but it would serve the public.

Rev. Jim Reid

Cambridge, New York



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