Letter: Sears did the right thing

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Praise for Senator Sears

Regarding Governor Shumlin's comments concerning Senator Sears' handling of the suicide bill: The governor is quoted as saying, "I'm always baffled by this conversation that it's suicide." Why be baffled? The bill itself uses the word "suicide."

I have always thought that if a person takes their own life, it was "suicide." If another person assists that person in leaving this world it was called "murder."

I know first-hand of a patient being given six or fewer months to live five years ago by the medical profession. This person is still living an active life.

I know of another person, still enjoying life, that was told at the largest hospital in Vermont that her condition was inoperable and incurable, again given no more than six months to live. This was three years ago.

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There is also the not too remote chance that the potential heirs of a patient may convince the patient that suicide is "The right thing to do for the good of the family."

Our governor also is quoted, referring to Senator Sears, as saying, "Every once in a while he doesn't get it right, but it doesn't happen very often."

Sorry, Governor -- this time he got it exactly right.




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