Letter: Scott's master plan for Vt. education

To the Editor:

Here we go again.

Governor Scott is once again pushing his big government, top down approach. The local school boards and the voters in those districts should be making these decisions.

This $80 million hole was created in large part when Scott vetoed the education bill that passed with bipartisan support. Here are some of the consequences of Scott's veto:

- Made the non-residential (investment property) the same as the lower residential rate.

- Spent $20 million in reserve funds in 2017. It was intended for later use.

- Shifting education pension costs from the General Fund to the Education Fund made his state budget look better—but is a big part of this current 9-percent tax increase.

- Shifted Medicaid reimbursement costs to schools.

Add to all this more costly responsibilities are being heaped onto local budgets. Opiate addiction, excessive use of special education (Picus Report), etc.

This is all part of Scott's master plan to control Vermont education from Montpelier. His ultimate aim is to wreck the unions, and to privatize education, Remember that proposal last year pushing a statewide teachers contract?

The governor's proposed "Education Summit" discussion should happen at the base of the mountain, not at the top, at the local level — local school boards, local voters, local teaches who have voted for the programs they want their students to have.

Bill Kuch



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