Letter: Salt shed episode points up need for change

To the Editor:

I, like others, watched the Select Board meeting the other night. Even though I believe Stu Hurd's heart was in the right place, his mind was certainly somewhere else. He did not represent the people of Bennington well at all when he totally tried to skirt the rules of law.

And there's no way I'm buying Tom Jacobs' explanation that the Select Board knew nothing about the construction of the salt shed without a permit.

And where the heck was ol' Dan Monks? Dan Monks would make you jump through hoops if you didn't get building permits. The Planning Commission, which he is the head of, and the Development Review Board, and now he's the assistant town manager, so there's no way in hell he didn't know Stu was doing this. Where was his responsibility to step in and say to the Select Board that there's something amiss here?

In other words, we have an administration and a Select Board that does not care how we look to the outside world about how we run business in our own town government. I am also a little sick and tired of the way they're trying to run down the mayoral system by putting out false information that having a mayor would be a monarchy. Isn't this a monarchy that we have now? Where the average citizen doesn't have a say in how this administration and Select Board is running the town?

I will keep pushing and urging people to vote for a mayor. I will be writing things in the paper to explain how the mayor form of government works and if anybody has any doubts, please give me a call at 442-9196. And I intend to further explain on this page why a mayor system is 100 times better than this lackadaisical system we have now.

Mike Bethel



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